Egyptian Army Claims Cure for HIV and Hepatitis C

By Michael Edmonds 30/06/2014

Apparently the Egyptian army has developed a new cure for hepatitis C and HIV, described in the following video.

The claims about this device contain many of the trappings of pseudoscience – a secretly developed device using “electromagnetic waves”, a conspiracy to suppress the invention, however, the obvious giveaway in this story is the inclusion of a device “invented” by the Egyptian military in 2010 to detect carriers of hepatitis C in a crowd. This detector, looks suspiciously like a device that previously has been sold as a bomb and drug detection device, despite the fact that it is little more than a modern dowsing rod (made up of a hinged aerial that waves from side to side).

Why the Egyptian military would be involved in such devices, I don’t know, but the potential harm is immense. Passing blood from the body, through a device and back again has associated hazards, and using the equivalent of a magic wand to determine who has hepatitis C and who does not, is horrifying. A misdiagnosis either way could have severe consequences for the patient, and society.

I hope someone in the Egyptian military and/or government comes to their senses quickly, to limit the harm that these devices could do.


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