Let's Talk Politics

By Michael Edmonds 23/07/2014

Well it is less than two months until the next general election in New Zealand and I must admit I feel more unsure than ever about who I will vote for. Traditionally I have tended to vote Labour because they have always seemed to have a good social conscience while avoiding what I used to interpret as the anti-science attitude of the Greens. However of late I’ve found the Greens support of science reassuring.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to research the various policies (science and otherwise) of the different political parties, so what I thought I would do is open this up to readers to provide arguments they have for who to vote for. However, I would like this to be an informed discussion which focuses on policies and evidence and avoids the personal attacks and innuendo which so often occurs between politicians and flows over into the media. Provide links where you can.

So who are you thinking of voting for and what policies and positions are helping you make your decision?


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  • I will not vote for a National government. They still have their heads in the sand with regards to Climate Change. I actually visited their web site to find out what their policies in this area are; it does not get a mention in their 2014 Priorities document. Their environmental priorities, aka, Natural Resources, are less about the environment and more about encouraging oil and gas and reforming the RMA to make it easier to develop.

    I will be voting for the Greens, and not just because of their environmental policies. I like that they have a credible plan to increase R&D in renewable energy. Transport is an important issue for me (an Aucklander) and I like their policies for improving public transport.

  • Hmmm… Michael – so you think your vote is not worth the time to check the science policies, but is worth the time to write a little post and read the opinions of a few others who bother to comment? I suggest your vote is worth the effort to check the policies of the parties yourself – you may be surprised given what & who the media chooses not to focus on (the source of most people’s opinions).

    • John,
      At the moment I have very little spare time, so I am interested in what policies others are reading. Before the election I will do my own research but see nothing wrong with hearing other peoples views.
      For example what policies that the “media chooses not to focus on” are persuading you one way or the other?