Family First on "Supporting" Transgender Students in Schools

By Michael Edmonds 05/08/2014

I used to think that it was the irrational arguments of religious conservative groups that bugged me the most, but on watching this clip from Breakfast television I find it is the lack of empathy for those that do not fit into their little box of “normal” that is even more irritating.

The clip is in response to an earlier interview on Breakfast where researchers have suggested that  transgender students at schools could be better supported by the having unisex bathrooms and more lenient rules around school uniforms.

However, Bob McCoskrie from Family First disagrees, suggesting that this would lead to more confusion. The implication in his interview is that there is something wrong with transgender students and if they would just stick with the gender that matches their biological sex everything will be just fine.

A pity that psychological science and basic human empathy disagrees with this. Still since when has either held sway over fundamentalist views forged from religious belief.

Looking at the Family First website where they list their principles one is made aware of the blinkered thinking that fundamental religious views can create. For example

We affirm that the world is abundant in resources. The breakdown of the natural family and the consequential moral and political failure, not human “overpopulation,” account for poverty, starvation, and environmental decay.


We affirm that the natural family is the foundational family system. While we acknowledge varied living situations caused by circumstance or dysfunction, all other “family forms” are incomplete or fabrications of the state.


We acknowledge the tremendous contribution made by single parents and step-parents in society. We wish to ensure they receive appropriate levels of assistance, without denying the clear empirical evidence that the best environment in which to raise children is the natural two-parent, husband-wife family.

Patronising AND in disagreement with scientific research! Quite an achievement.







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  • As well as lacking compassion and humanity these groups (maybe) at odds with our evolutionary and social evolution.

    Recently I finished reading “Sex at Dawn: the Prehistoric origins of modern sexuality” Ryan C., and Jetha, C, (2010), Scribe, Melbourne. The evidence presented here is that our prehistory forebears where polygamous living is cooperative groups – that is, cooperative to the point of sharing sexual partners. The evolutionary competition was at the level of sperm in the woman. It was only when we became a settled agriculture based species that the monogamous way of life became more normal.

    Certainly this idea explains much in terms of why we find monogamy challenging (divorce statistics for example) and is a useful counter balance to the standard, narrative.

    To restate where I began, As well as lacking compassion and humanity these groups (maybe) at odds with our evolutionary and social evolution. I think we should relax and accept people as they are.

  • Family First being “at odds” with evolution – there’s a surprise finding!