Will Vote Compass Affect Voting Behaviour And Electioneering

By Michael Edmonds 27/08/2014

Last week I worked my way through Vote Compass, the final result being that my interests closely matched those of the Labour party. Before doing this exercise, I was tossing up between whether I would be voting for Labour or the Greens. So even though the description of Vote Compass claims it will not influence voting, I think it will.

But at least if it does influence voting at least it would seem to be helping people make an educated vote which does reflect their preferences.

With all the widely reported data emerging from Vote Compass about what the important issues are for New Zealanders one has to ask whether this will affect electioneering and even the policies the different parties promote. I would think it would have to because a political party would be stupid to ignore the issues that New Zealanders are indicating are important (and therefore may influence their vote).

I’d be interested to know how others have interpreted their experience with Vote Compass and if they think it will influence their voting?



0 Responses to “Will Vote Compass Affect Voting Behaviour And Electioneering”

  • Unlikely to influence me, but I was surprised to learn that United Future were most aligned with me. How closely was your match, mine was 65% – is that high or low?

  • Vote Compass (just did it a couple of hours ago) put me nicely in “no man’s land”, slightly left of centre. My “grey ellipse” overlapped precisely NO parties. My party percentages all hovered around 50% (low 40s to low 60s). So I guess I am completely ambivalent when it comes to politics… which (obviously) won’t influence my choice come election day.

  • I too found it interesting – I landed as expected with UF. However, I also thought it shallow on policy. Maybe it assumes most people don’t bother to check out policy on anything but a superficial level.
    I’ve often wondered if polls make any difference to voter behaviour (e.g. in a poll more likely to join a bandwagon based on previous polls, but if a party has a large lead are they more or less likely to actually vote for it?)

  • Darcy,
    I think my alignment with Labour was about 70%, the next was actually Mana in the 60’s (which was quite a surprise, but I suspect we align re health, poverty and education concerns)