A Humble Email re MMS

By Michael Edmonds 25/01/2015

Yesterday I received an email which appears to be from “Archbishop” Jim Humble, creator of MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution. For those who aren’t familiar with MMS it is an alternative health product made by mixing a bleach solution with a weak acid to generate traces of chlorine dioxide. A website selling this product works around current advertising standards by claiming or should I say not claiming that

“Therefore, regardless of the many thousands of success stories worldwide, and recommendations that you may have heard from family and friends; this website cannot and will not make any public claims that MMS‘treats’ or ‘cures’ serious diseases or conditions; such as asthma, diabetes, autism, heart disease, arthritis, HIV, AIDS, cancer, leukaemia, malaria, hepatitis A, B and C, herpes, TB, lymes disease, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, sarcoidosis, scabies, candida, bronchitis, CHD, COPD, MRSA, crohn’s disease, colds, sore throats, dementia, dengue fever, eczema, swine flu, allergies, acne, gum problems and many others”

Personally I find these sorts of statements unethical, so how ironic that in the email from Jim he suggested that when I write blogs about MMS I should spend some time learning about the basic chemistry of MMS and that when I point out the flaws in using MMS as a cure all, my “poor understanding of chemistry” could be risking the lives of those with terminal diseases who choose not to use MMS.

With regards to my poor understanding of chemistry? I guess the “Archbishop” wasn’t interested in taking the time to learn that I have a PhD and 20+ years experience in chemistry. Or perhaps this is a generic email he sends to those who dare to comment on the absurdity of using a bleach solution as a cure all. Indeed, the mere fact it hints at being a cure all is a classic warning sign of a suspect health product.

As far as I am concerned his advocacy of a dilute solution of a bleaching agent as a cure all is far more dangerous than my pointing out the flaws in this approach to treating disease.

An explanation of some of the hazards and pseudoscience behind MMS can be found on Wikipedia.

One of the things I haven’t quite got my head around is why Mr Humble, now calls himself “Archbishop” and has formed a church around his product. Does this provide some sort of protection in selling MMS? If anyone has a good explanation of this, I’d love to hear it.



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  • A couple of loose thoughts about the ‘religion’ structure – tax evasion and protection for Humble. I’ve no idea if these would work in practice. The tax one is fairly obvious to guess. Protection would be if people elect to do something for their ‘religion’, then Humble gets to try shift the blame by saying they chose, rather than he sold. It may also play on the religious.

  • Three words & a hypen: tax-exempt status.

    I wonder what Humble’s view is regarding the despicable practice of giving MMS enemas to autistic children?

  • If you have 20 years experience in chemistry, Michael, then I’m Albert Einstein, rest assured.

    Proof the Red Cross cured 154 cases of Malaria with MMS in the MMS vs. Malaria water purification study they conducted in Uganda 2012 — a study they first tried to cover up, and later when information got leaked on the internet (two videos), tried to “dissociate” themselves from.

    Klaas Proesmans (http://waterreferencecenter.com/who-we-are) can be seen as the narrator in video #2. Proesmans is CEO of the Water Reference Center, an organization heavily affiliated with the IFRC and founded by two national Red Cross Societies: Kenya and Seychelles.

    Video #2, uploaded July 2013: Producer accidentally leaked this video documentary which was made as an internal piece for the Water Reference Center to bring back home. Klaasman can be seen as the narrator in this video. Klaasmans prior to this video, claimed he was in China when the “alleged study” took place — that was his response to video #1 uploaded may 2013.

    Video #1, uploaded May 2013, by Leo Koehof, an associate of Jim Humble who trained the Red Cross in the MMS Malaria protocol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrwZN1cPfX8

    More on the Red Cross genocide scandal (by suppressing and lying about solutions that works, such as in the case of Malaria, which MMS cures in 4 hours with a 100% success each and every time when following protocol correctly.)

    Basic Science of MMS:

    FDA wants 37 years for man selling MMS and helping people rid themselves of their suffering, all over the world. Daniel Smith is fighting back against the crime syndicate that is the FDA, and taking a stand for MMS and health freedom. $70.000 or so USD so far donated by a little over 1000 people in 1 month. http://StandByDaniel.com

    A post with links to 10-15 Chlorine dioxide studies, proving not only efficacy of Chlorine dioxide (Cl02, aka Activated MMS), but most importantly, how SAFE it is: https://g2cforum.org/index.php/list/attacks-on-or-criticism-of-genesis-ii-sacraments-and-responses/19939-clo2-mms-is-safe-and-it-is-real-just-do-a-little-research-for-yourself#19939

    Two serious cancers cured with MMS, stories shared on mainstream chilean television: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_l5bizEG7gs

    MMS is Sodium chlorite, NaCl02.
    MMS is NOT Household bleach. Household bleach is Sodium HYPOchlorite.

    Big difference.

    MMS1 or Activated MMS is Chlorine dioxide (Cl02)
    MMS1 or Activated MMS is NOT Chlorine (Cl)

    Big difference.

    MMS is always used in the few drops and actived before use, then diluted in a glass of water before being used.

    MMS2 is Calcium hypochlorite that turns into Hypochlorous acid in water.
    MMS2 most certainly ISNT Sodium hypochlorite, which does not turn into Hypochlorous acid in water.

    Big difference.

    Nobody has ever died from Sodium chlorite poisoning, ever.
    Nobody has ever died from Chlorine dioxide poisoning following Jim Humble’s protocols, ever, and it’s been around as a known cure for Malaria and since then, a whole host of other diseases, since 1996.

    An estimated 20 million people have so far used MMS.

    Do you really know what you’re talking about when it comes to this subect, Michael? Are you sure?

    “Sunlight can bleach. Even lemon can bleach. However, we don’t really think of sunlight or lemon as bleach (and certainly not three drops of lemon diluted in a glass of water.) Would you start avoiding the sunlight just because a so called skeptic told you that sunlight is a bleach and therefor bad for you? Or, would you go out and enjoy the sun in moderation as to not get burned? Again, the point of it is: Anything in excess, or anything that is used in too high amount — can be bad for anyone.”

    Look up https://www.youtube.com/user/MMStestimonials/videos to see how MMS cures conditions where everything else has failed, and helps people take personal responsibility for their own health so as to rid themselves of suffering.

    MMS is the health discovery of the century.

    Anyone trying to suppress that information, smear it or trash it without valid scientific evidence to back up what they are saying, should be prosecuted for their actions to the full extent of the law, as they could be directly responsible for the murder of those desperate people on their deathbeds reading the suppressor’s unfounded gibberish, and as a consequence, decide to steer away from a solution that could quite possibly save that person’s life. That also goes for you, Michael “PhD + 20 years of chemistry XP, but here’s a link to Wikipedia to back up what I’m saying” Edmonds.

    • Lulze

      Thanks for providing a great example of how not to argue rationally.
      First, in a sarcastic way you suggest I do not have 20 years experience in Chemistry, something fairly easy to demonstrate.
      PhD, Massey university after 5 years research. One year postdoctoral studies in Finland, 2 years postdoctoral study at Canterbury, and since then about 12 years research at my current organisation.

      I find it absolutely amazing, not to mention arrogant that you assume other people on line will lie to make their case, which probably gives more insight to your own approach to debating than mine.
      However, I suspect you never let facts get in the way of a good story.

      Instead your argument relies on unsubstantiated conspiracies, not to mention spurious arguments
      “20 million people have so far used MMS”. I note this does not say 20 million people have been cured by MMS, because that wouldn’t be true.
      You might as well say 20 million people paint their toe nails for all the relevance that argument has.

      The argument is not about whether MMS is harmful, or that bleaches are harmful. The point is that there is no evidence that MMS works ( your sources are not evidence) but if wish to keep tilting at windmills I can’t stop you.

      And with regards to etiquette, feel free to call me by my first name, but using my last name on its own is usually considered to be rude/ aggressive, so please don’t do that again.

      • thanks for your professional opinion,thankfully its a free world when speaking freely ones input on an obviously serious matter of human wholistic health,in fact that is what is really at stake here.the proof is in the pudding.one might say and ,the meaning making machine that evoulution makes human animals.the searh for perfection and longetivety.prioritys,ill cut to the chase ,long story short,ego and self importance ,beliefs ect ect,are liquid realitys of life and .remaining humble!! and therefore teachable.are wisdom in action,please don’t shoot the messenger,you too may be converted to chlorine dioxide,treatments,when your opiniated acidic blood resulting from spirit sqirt confused with eago,cancer and fungal invasions will possably be your gift or test from god,eventually through pain motivating you to change your ignorant status on dioxide possabilitys,i hear you but fortunately the evidence I have shoots your opinion to microscopic oxides!! take care and love and support is were its at brother,peloha,peace love and harmony to you ,love yourself my friend ,in the soul motives pure in and out,lets not fight ,that destroys mankind,historacally,enjoy the moment powerfully,

        • dn,
          Yes it is a free world which is why I approved your comment to appear here. Unfortunately this seldom works in the opposite direction. When opponents of products such as MMS post comments on pro-MMS blogs they usually get deleted. If the product is so wonderful I have to ask why.

      • sorry micheal,you are ignorant and most possably die of mental masturbation, the human ego ,edge god out,is where your right fighter mentality births from I sugest you check out wayne dyer,and learn spiritual wellness friend,when you change the way one looks at things , the things one looks at change,i am living proof this product used as recommended!! is safe and oh so so sucsesville, so much so you poor old dctrs will be hurting in the pocket, ha let alone big pharma .and jobs like yours maybe,this product saves lives daily,works and wont ever go away, you may need some one fine day ,if you get verball about miricles you haven’t even tried ,plonker,the proof is in the puddys my friend,may pay you to check your parasite load, ive met people like you before,all mouth no ears ,have a enjoyable xmas season with your loved ones, share the message to any ill ones and be a kind spiritual man please,thankyou,it saved my life and I will tell the wourld soon as I have plenty of wonderfull life left thankyou epithany jim,your the man,

        • Hi Dan

          Thanks for your email. The fact that you resort to rude comments, anecdotes and conspiracy theories only helps reinforce the fact that MMS is an irrational, unproven and potentially dangerous way to treat disease.

  • IF – a very big ‘if’ – MMS really had been used to cure malaria then I’d expect to see up there on pubmed. After all, if true it would save millions of lives. Yet it’s not. Which shows how empty these claims are.

    • hi Alison and micheal,the law of averages evolve destinis way, pubmed and big pharma are paid by who , it aint recket science,google adam Abraham,usa,topic baking soda why not,talkback u may like to hear,its all about the money honey,god made salt,chloride,!well u can mine chlorite naturally,it cant be patented,its natural,and reverts to salt n water ,within the hour,in thit hour it cures bacteria,biofilmd antibiotic resistant klebsiella strep staf seritia marcens psuedimoanas hep aids malaria cancer parasites google dtr omar amin,watch his video,re human parasites,then tell me what your take on,western medicine and treat the symptom,if your lucky,very lucky in nz,they need to treat the cause brother,moneys in repeat visits,you don’t have police without crims ah well you don’t have hosp and chemists without sick humans,its a worry ,once you realise the nature of the beast,u may understand candida albicans,yes thrush gone beast is a global epidemic and many don’t test for it till ur next to dead with cancer,guess what,i had all of the above for 25 years after poisoning by hospital with prednisone,mms,and later cds,saved my but and nobody else gave a hoot,sad but true,it may happen to you!!!don’t knock it till you try it,simply it works very well and costs peanuts and any student can safly make it save there loved ones,and have a wonderfull life together,arnt we after all ,spiritual souls having a human exsperiance!!happy well xmas,god bless your buetifull minds and souls,may you create your destini ,one of love support and acceptance ,chlorine dioxide ,is, a powerfull toolkit, for wellness ,nothing compares,i no take care,i do love you!!dan ,the man with a plan,breathins good!!lol cu+++