Molecular Matters

Lego Research Institute Now Out

Michael Edmonds Aug 10, 2014

Last year Sciblogs Siouxsie Wiles pointed out in an open letter to Lego that they could do a better job with regards to overcoming gender stereotyping. It appears that Siouxsie’s suggestion coincided with other similar complaints and that Lego have now done something towards that – excitingly in the area of science by producing an all female Lego Research … Read More


Let's Talk Politics

Michael Edmonds Jul 23, 2014

Well it is less than two months until the next general election in New Zealand and I must admit I feel more unsure than ever about who I will vote for. Traditionally I have tended to vote Labour because they have always seemed to have a good social conscience while avoiding what I used to interpret as the anti-science attitude … Read More


New Campaign to Boost Engineering Numbers at Polytechnics

Michael Edmonds Jul 23, 2014

Yesterday, an new initiative to encourage enrolments into engineering qualifications at polytechnics was launched by Steven Joyce, a move welcomed across the polytechnic and industry sectors. Graduates of the three year Bachelor of Engineering Technology and the two year New Zealand Diploma of Engineering are in demand in industry – according to the National Engineering Education Plan produced in … Read More

Why Skeptics shouldn't have Heroes

Michael Edmonds Jul 21, 2014

While there are some skeptics who I admire for their contribution to skepticism there are none who I would describe as my heroes. Assigning someone “hero status” implies that they can do no wrong, and more importantly, that their decisions or behaviour is beyond question.  This is not a valid skeptical position, as we are all capable of making mistakes. Read More


Egyptian Army Claims Cure for HIV and Hepatitis C

Michael Edmonds Jun 30, 2014

Apparently the Egyptian army has developed a new cure for hepatitis C and HIV, described in the following video. The claims about this device contain many of the trappings of pseudoscience – a secretly developed device using “electromagnetic waves”, a conspiracy to suppress the invention, however, the obvious giveaway in this story is the inclusion of a device … Read More


What do we expect of scientists … and is it too much?

Michael Edmonds Jun 18, 2014

Depending on your point of view there are many things that are expected of scientists excellence in research great teacher effective administrator skillful grant proposal writer good mentor and research group co-ordinator media savvy science communicator All up this is quite a wide ranging and challenging list, so much so that I would suggest that there would be … Read More


Linwood College becomes first official STEM school in New Zealand

Michael Edmonds Jun 15, 2014

On Friday afternoon I attended the launch of Linwood College’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) education initiative. This initiative has a wide range of supporters and collaborators including local tertiary institutions (Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, University of Canterbury, Lincoln University) local government and businesses (including Downer and David Reid Homes) Sir Peter Gluckman, the Prime Minister’s Chief Science … Read More