Molecular Matters

Science and Personality Types

Michael Edmonds Nov 08, 2010

Catching up on some back issues of the New Scientist I came across an article in the October 23rd edition (pg 14) looking at how certain personality characteristics correspond to an interest in science. Dutch researcher, Hanke Korpershoek and colleagues found that students who chose science subjects tended to be less extroverted, more conscientious and have a higher emotional stability … Read More


Water has a Memory?

Michael Edmonds Nov 07, 2010

One of the claims that in the past has been used by homeopaths to explain how their remedies “work”, is that water has a memory, and that the succussing (shaking) of the solutions allows the water molecules in the solution to “remember” the active ingredient (e.g. arsenic oxide, anthrax, snake venom etc) even after it has been diluted out of … Read More


Reforming education. Is NZ heading in the right direction?

Michael Edmonds Nov 06, 2010

Most people are probably aware of the debate amongst educators over the governments push for national standards in schools, with a strong focus on assessing literacy and numeracy. What less people are probably aware of is that, as of next year, polytechnics and other tertiary providers are required to assess the numeracy and literacy skills of all new students entering … Read More


Is Homeopathy an Environmental and Health Hazard?

Michael Edmonds Nov 04, 2010

Most reputable scientists agree that homeopathy is pseudoscience and that it doesn’t work. But let us for a moment consider what the consequences would be if homeopathy did work. One major concern would have to be its’ potential as an environmental and health hazard. For those who are not familiar with the concept, homeopathy typically involves taking an ‘active’ component, … Read More