Molecular Matters

Sir Peter Gluckman on New Zealand's Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Michael Edmonds Jun 09, 2014

Yesterday on TV One’s Sunday programme there was an interview with Sir Peter Gluckman on New Zealand’s childhood obesity problems and his recent appointment to the Commission to End Childhood Obesity by the World Health Organisation. I thought it was an excellent interview (though personally I would avoid terms such as co-variates and multi-sectorial) highlighting the value of science in … Read More

Why We Need More Women in Engineering

Michael Edmonds Jun 07, 2014

New Zealand needs more engineers, and one way to achieve this is to encourage more women to consider engineering as a career. The benefits of having more women in engineering are many. Engineering jobs these days are often team efforts, which typically benefit from team diversity. And dare I say it, more women many have a civilising effect on male … Read More


Futurescape – promoting or overselling science?

Michael Edmonds Apr 27, 2014

Futurescape with James Woods is a programme I recently discovered on the Discovery channel. It extrapolates where science and technology might lead us and our society in the future. It often paints the picture of an amazing and thought provoking new world where we will live for centuries, don powerful exoskeletons and design our children. However, as I watched different … Read More


What use is Art?

Michael Edmonds Apr 27, 2014

I came across several blogs (e.g. here and here) reporting that a kindergarten in New York has cancelled its students art show as it is more important to prepare students for college and their future careers. At first I thought this must be a hoax but some websites are claiming that the letter sent to parents and caregivers … Read More


The Men Who Made Us Fat

Michael Edmonds Apr 22, 2014

Over the weekend I watched a documentary series called “The Men Who Made Us Fat”, playing on the BBC Knowledge channel (but also available on Youtube). It is a fascinating look at how the food industry has used marketing to alter our eating habits, fought against attempts to regulate unhealthy foods and engaged in dubious practices to make unhealthy … Read More

There Must be Board Games in Heaven

Michael Edmonds Apr 14, 2014

Advocates of the paranormal often complain that skeptics are close minded, so in the spirit of open mindedness I wondered what might be another explanation (other than chicanery or delusion) as to why mediums and psychics appear to communicate with the dearly departed through vague statements, and asking if anyone knows someone with the initials “J” or “M”. The only … Read More