Nano Girl

Global Impact Visas – why a technology rich New Zealand ecosystem needs them

Michelle Dickinson Jul 26, 2015

“One hundred inspired New Zealand entrepreneurs can turn this country around.”  Sir Paul Callaghan Those words led me to being in a really unexpected place this morning, listening to the Prime Minister give his speech at the National Party’s annual conference. I was there specifically to hear his announcement on something I’m passionate about and have recently […] … Read More

IBM reveals a 7nm chip! Why this is awesome news!

Michelle Dickinson Jul 15, 2015

Moore’s Law, which states that a semiconductors’ computing power will double every two years is going to survive for a few more years thanks to the creation of a new 7nm chip! Thanks to a research team led by IBM, Global Foundries, Samsung Electronics and SUNY a new prototype chip was just announced which is […] … Read More

Pretty or smart? Why do girls have to choose?

Michelle Dickinson Jul 15, 2015

I have two lives, one as a privileged academic with a job that surrounds me with smart, interesting people and a lab which enables me to create, discover and question. The other, as Nanogirl, a female in a lab coat who visits schools inspiring curious minds while trying to understand why so few girls want […] … Read More


Top 10 new species of 2015!

Michelle Dickinson May 25, 2015

Around 18,000 species were newly named and identified last year and added to the 2 million species named so far.  Estimates are that we still have around 10 million species still to be discovered on earth, and many will be extinct before they are even found. To draw public awareness to our planets amazing biodiversity, […] … Read More

Dresses for Science and Tech loving women!

Michelle Dickinson May 21, 2015

As a female engineer I’m very aware of being a minority in my field, and as time passes I seem to have become less sensitive to some of the comments, and inappropriate questions I’ve been asked during my career. Studying the recent numbers makes for very sad reading as a lowly 13% of professional engineers […] … Read More