Nano Girl

The power of success

Michelle Dickinson May 14, 2015

If you ask a child what being successful means to them, they typically describe things that involve money, power or fame.  It’s what society seems to strive towards, that big pot of money and celebrity at the end of the rainbow. You only need to watch reality TV, or read celebrity gossip magazines to see […] … Read More

Spiders create super-strong webs with nanotechnology!

Michelle Dickinson May 11, 2015

Take two fascinating strong materials, spider silk and carbon nanotubes, and mix them to create a material with a combined strength, toughness and ductility that’s just not been seen before. If you just want to watch this story, click on the picture video link, otherwise keep reading. It sounds like a happy weekend in Italy […] … Read More

Catching oil in a net with nanotechnology

Michelle Dickinson Apr 19, 2015

Catching liquid in a net may seem like a crazy idea, but by adding a fine dusting of silica nanoparticles to a metal mesh, researchers have been able to create a new type of net. Hydrophobic surfaces (surfaces which repel liquid) are not new and several sprays can now be bought in your local hardware […] … Read More

A Jacket that powers your devices using nanotechnology

Michelle Dickinson Mar 14, 2015

What if the jacket that you were wearing to keep you warm, also had the capability of generating electricity from your tiniest movements such as your heartbeat or blood flow to the larger movements from you walking around to use for powering integrated electronics or sensors. Well researchers at Sungkyunkwan University and the University of […] … Read More