By Sarah-Jane O'Connor 19/01/2016

Several Sciblogs writers have discussed Judy Wilyman’s PhD thesis on vaccination policy, through the University of Wollongong.

A PhD by Stealth, Helen Petousis-Harris, Diplomatic Immunity.

Unsound vaccine thesis or how to review a PhD, Grant Jacobs, Code for life.

– Freedom of opinion has its place, but this PhD thesis goes too far, Alison Campbell, BioBlog.

– Wilyman’s ‘thesis’ from a relativistic viewpoint?, Helen Petousis-Harris, Diplomatic Immunity.

– Wollongong thesis has this to say on smallpox, Alison Campbell, BioBlog.

– The Wilyman thesis on how smallpox is transmitted, Alison Campbell, BioBlog.

Critiquing another thesis on vaccination, Alison Campbell, BioBlog.

– Wilyman anti-vaccine thesis not in Wollongong thesis review, Grant Jacobs, Code for life.


Featured image: Flickr CC, kafka4prez.