Nature Magazine’s feature on the moon landing

By Kevin 22/07/2009

You can view this online. It is especially useful to replect on all the spinoffs from the space program, including encouraging people into science!

Special : Apollo 40 years on
Nature is marking the 40th anniversary of the first Moon landing. We report on a Nature poll that shows how the Apollo programme inspired people to pursue careers in science. Giovanni Bignami reflects on why we need manned missions beyond Earth’s orbit and there are reviews of books on space security, the Apollo missions and NASA’s strategy for returning to the Moon.

Plus there’s an online special that includes interactive timelines, slideshows and selected articles from Nature‘s archive. There’s also an opportunity to relive the first Moon landing, as Nature News twitters the Apollo 11 mission as it happened – 40 years later.

PS: don’t worry, I haven’t lost the plot – a nice cynical article on our abject failure ever since is coming soon….