Now Someone’s Talking Properly about what Ails NZ Science

By Kevin 20/08/2009

Finally someone – Professor Sir Peter Gluckman – is saying the right things about science in New Zealand. Even the skeptics are impressed! Basically he’s saying only what the RSNZ should have been saying loud and clear for the last 30 years – science in New Zealand is run by bureaucrats and therefore is doomed to failure. Another point he makes is our lack of support for young upcoming scientists chases them away in their droves. It is certainly worth listening to and I hope he will keep saying it.

Sir Peter Gluckman is founding director of the world-renowned Liggins Institute and one of New Zealand’s best known scientists. Professor Gluckman is the Government’s science adviser, first Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Enjoy……

Ooops I should have said start listening 10 minutes in – his comments on P and folate in my opinion are somewhat less than useful.

Download: Ogg Vorbis MP3