Supporting good science communication

By Ken Perrott 17/05/2010

If you have watched any of the short videos from YouTube channel, Climate Denial Crock of the Week, you will appreciate how good they are. Always well produced they deal with specific arguments made by climate change deniers and contrarians.

Well, the author is in a competition for a $5,000 grant. If he wins he can make even more effective videos. The prize will help him with “better software, a good video camera, computer upgrades, sound clips and stock footage.”  (see Climate Denial Crock of the Week · Brighter Planet).

You can support him. All you have do is register at the link and vote. This is worth supporting – good science presented well!

Here’s one of the videos – very relevant. There’s more like it (see Climate Denial Crock of the Week):

Thanks to PZ Myers (see Climate denialists should fear this fellow)


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