Dawkins answers questions

By Ken Perrott 16/11/2010

This is good value. Richard Dawkins briefly responds to a range of questions.

The first question asks for his views of Sam Harris’s ideas on morality and science. He thinks Sam might be on to something and gives a clear explanation of why. (This is an ongoing discussion here – see Telling right from wrong?, Can science shape human values? and Waking up to morality.

Other questions relate to:

  • the problems presented by anti-evolutionary groups,
  • as yet unsupported scientific speculation which he finds interesting,
  • the future of fundamentalist religion and of science,
  • the most important scientific questions in biology ( he includes “why we have sex”), and
  • the best evidence for evolution.

The video finishes with a section where Richard reads some of his hate mail – good for a laugh.

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