What is the problem?

By Ken Perrott 26/11/2010

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Why do people get so upset about gay marriage?

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  • Its just a guess, but I suspect there is a continuum from 100% orientation to the other sex right across to 100% orientation to the same sex, probably a somewhat skewed asymmetrical bimodal disitribution. For those of us more than (say) 60%-65 oriented to the opposite, or the same, sex that’s the air we breathe and we seldom think twice about what we do. I suspect there are a quite a few people in the middle who feel really uncomfortable about which sex to prefer. And deal with it by really hating the ‘other’ option.

    I don’t see it as a religious position as such. The old testament commandments – all 613 of them – don’t apply to Christians unless repeated in the new testament. I don’t see the anti-homosexual extreme christians out there trying to burn witches or stop people eating ham – they seem to be rather selective about which biblical rules they want to see enforced. So I think it comes back to personal sexual insecurity.

  • You may be right, possum. However, I am as sexually insecure as the next guy but it doesn’t motivate me to deny any human rights on this issue.

  • Maybe it’s just Friday and I’m tired, but I don’t get it

  • Michael: In the US your average hellfire-&-brimstone preacher would have it that gay marriage would begin (well, probably accelerate) our slide into the abyss 🙂

  • That graph is brilliant! Graphjam create many graphs that reveal the hilarious truth in human behaviour.

  • Michael: Maybe for New Zealand we should change the last four consequences. Perhaps:

    Greens support building of nuclear power stations

    Whaling station approved at Kaikoura

    Auckland secedes from New Zealand

    And worst of all 😉

    Australia defeats All Blacks 20 tries to 0!

  • I see. When I first looked at it all I could think of was a pie graph, and couldn’t work out why just the one colour. It has been a long week, TGIF.