Better Tagging with P2

By Ken Perrott 09/12/2010

When we originally released P2 our mission was to create an awesome feature-packed group blog theme. We have stayed true to that mission with new improvements to P2 functionality that will make collaborating with others much easier.

P2 now sports a site member autocomplete tool that takes the guesswork out of tagging people in your posts. P2 will also now display the most popular tags for a blog as well as the number of times a tag has been used. These new features allow you to better identify and organize your posts.

Site Member Autocomplete

When you write posts it is now possible to bring up a list of members posting on your blog. From the front page of P2, type the @ character with part of a username and the a list of username suggestions will appear based on username and display name. You can choose the correct member name to insert and the name should be added to your post content. After tagging a member in your post, the post will be filed under a special URL (for example:

Tagging Improvements

We have also made some great improvements to the tag-it box. The tags that appear when you begin typing will now be ordered by popularity. P2 will also display the number of times a tag has been used. This will allow you to better decide what tags to use. To use the feature just begin typing some characters and a list of available tags should display.

Using P2

Just like other themes, you can find P2 under Appearance > Themes on your dashboard. Those who are into the self-hosted version of WordPress can keep an eye out for the updated version of P2 in the coming weeks.