New Theme: Toolbox

By Ken Perrott 11/12/2010

Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.”

Dr. Emmett Brown

The streets of the future probably won’t be filled with flying cars and hover boards but the Web will be filled with more semantic content thanks to new markup elements introduced in HTML5. Today’s new theme will let you take advantage of that future right now, right here, on It’s called Toolbox.

Much like the Sandbox theme, Toolbox provides all the markup you need to build your very own theme with CSS alone–with one difference. Toolbox uses some really exciting new HTML5 elements–like <article>, <header>, and <nav>–that better describe what your content is all about.

What can you do with it? Anything you want. :) Since HTML and CSS go together like peanut butter and jelly we’ve put together a small demonstration. Clicking the image below will take you to a demo site where you can see–and download!–some really cool Custom CSS working in concert with the Toolbox markup.

The Toolbox Theme markup together with Custom CSS

If you need some more inspiration, take a look at a small sample of the infinite themes styles available with Custom CSS. All you need to get started is the Custom CSS upgrade and some experience with CSS.

If you’re building a WordPress theme for a self-hosted site, you can use Toolbox too! It’s available right now in the WordPress Themes Directory.