Find the Perfect Theme for Your Blog

By Ken Perrott 21/12/2010

Do you love themes? Have you ever wished you could view all the available themes without being logged into your dashboard? Curious how other sites use the theme you’re using? Want to be sure you’re using your theme to its full potential?

If you answered yes to any of those questions you’ll be happy to hear this news. I’m proud to introduce the official Theme Showcase.

Example of the Theme Showcase landing page.

The Theme Showcase exhibits the amazing collection of themes available on, documents theme features, and gives you a central place to explore themes outside of your dashboard. With colorful screenshots, detailed specifications, links to sites using the theme, and a list of suggested uses, I know you’ll be inspired to learn more about your current theme or try something new.

The Theme Showcase acts as both a tool for existing site owners to learn more about their theme, such as special features and quirks, and for new owners to explore all our themes and make an informed decision before signing up and choose a theme. Large-size screenshots and links to example content will demonstrate real-world usage of themes.

Example of a Theme Showcase inner page showcasing one theme.

To explore our themes you can browse by subject (Photography, Lifestream, Magazine, Holiday, Single Page, …), appearance (Color, Number of columns, Width, …), features (Menus, Background, Header Image, …), or style (Outdoorsy, Techy, Grungy, Girly, Colorful, Conservative, Simple, …). Or, search for a theme that matches any combination of criteria you choose.

Theme Showcase search and browse interface example.

The Theme Showcase should be your first stop when thinking about themes. If you are considering starting a blog, begin here to pick the perfect theme. If you’re a veteran, come explore themes and maybe learn something new about your favorite theme. Prepare to be inspired!