Theme Updates for Custom Menus and More

By Ken Perrott 07/01/2011

Last year we–the Theme Team–were quite busy, not only offering you 29 great new themes, but also improving the themes you already love and use on your sites. In case you haven’t looked closely at your theme in a while we’d like to point out several recent improvements.

Custom Menus
61 of our themes now support Custom Menus–we’ve enabled it for all themes that previously supported top-level navigation with pages.

For themes without top-level navigation support you can still create Custom Menus and add them as widgets to your sidebar. Read the Custom Menus support page to learn how to get the most out of this feature.

And More…
In addition to Custom Menus we also enabled Custom Background support for 72 themes, added Post Formats support to a few themes, and updated all themes to use the standard WordPress comment form. The comment form changes–though invisible to you–pave the way for cool new social features involving comments on sites.

Many themes also received small updates. For example, two options were added to one of the most popular themes on, MistyLook: single post navigation links and hide the search bar from the header (both are available via Appearance → Theme Options if you use MistyLook).

Help Us Improve
Several of you recently said that your theme is almost perfect and we are curious about the last missing piece. Help us improve themes on by answering our question over on the Themes forum: If you could change one thing about your theme, what would it be?

This year we will continue making improvements and launching more new themes–all to ensure you have a theme that fits you perfectly and that you are excited to show off.

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