NZ blog rankings update

By Ken Perrott 09/08/2011

Just want to clarify the status of the rankings of NZ blogs I have been providing. A blogger had claimed that the system is “broken” – I assure you that is incorrect.

Monthly rankings

These are up to date, largely automatic and reliable. They rely on public access to statcounters, sitemeters, or similar icons installed on blogs.

I post these every month, usually on the first of the following month. You can access an archive (including the latest) of these rankings at the Blog Ranks Page.

I think most people are interested in monthly rather than daily data because these even out fluctuations to some extent

Daily averaged ranking
I had a system which automatically posted a ranking based on daily averages. This enable a snapshot – which of course did not compensate for variations.
Currently that is not operating because of changes to the way statcounter reports it’s data. So far I have not had the expertise or free time to institute an automatic work around. Bloody hell, I dont even have a computer at the moment.

When I get my new computer I will change the settings to remove access to that spreadsheet until it has been corrected.

Hopefully that will prevent this sort of misunderstanding.

Add your blog
Meanwhile, I assure you I am interested in making the rankings as inclusive as possible. The current system already lists more than 250 NZ blogs.

I believe a system using blog visit stats is far more realistic than anything based on a numbers taken from a single ranking source like Alexa. These are often very misleading.

So if you have a NZ blog which is currently unlisted please consider installing a meter which enables public access to your stats. If you do, let me know and I will add your blog to the ranking system.

0 Responses to “NZ blog rankings update”

  • Sites like Idiot/Savant and Dimpost make their whole postings available by RSS feeds, so one never has to actually visit their site to read their blogs. I expect that your rankings severely underestimate the readership of blogs such as these.

  • Brent, many blogs provide an RSS feed. I certainly do. So your criticism would be far more general than you suggest.

    At an earlier stage I was using a combination of different factors (including RSS subscriptions) to provide a ranking. In the end I decided that one based on visit numbers was probably preferable. And also required minimal work on my part.

    Incidentally, one can usually correlate visit stats to other factors like RSS subscriptions – to some extent.

    There will always be objections, whatever system is used. My attitude is that I provide a ranking based on actual visit stats. That is made very clear and if someone prefers a different system they are free to provide one.