Hitler objects to atheist charge

By Ken Perrott 18/08/2011

I haven’t seen any of those dubbed Hitler raves lately – until last night.

And this one seems very fitting. He is reacting to the claim, made by some religious apologists, that he was an atheist.

A load of rubbish, of course, as Hitler points out.

Hitler Learns Christians Claim He Is An Atheist – YouTube.

Thanks to @akicktotheeye

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  • Talk about a mind boggler – listening to the german storyline and reading a completely different one in english subtitles has my senses all ~befuddled~

  • It may be that he never claimed to be an atheist out right. But he was very secular one must note. I guess that the editor of this video is trying to say he may of been sympathetic to the Christian ideas, but it would seem history would disagree. I recently heard a radio program where the interviewee commented that there were future plans made by Hitler to treat the German church with equal hostility as the Jews. One must also note that his actions were not anything like those supported by the historical Christian World View. Those who claim he was an Atheist probably look at the results of the Nazi regime and ask themselves what world view describes the historical facts best. If one kicks over the ant hill of Europe perhaps Atheism would be indifferent to this. Some Christians may even say this is unbridled atheism at work. They need to think about their own history.

    It would be fair I think to note that Fascism is very secular in nature. It needs to be acknowledged that this historical event did not happen in a valueless vacuum. Some underlying core values were at work that allowed people to justify the systematic destruction of a countries own citizens and those of neighbouring countries. So what values were they? Some careful world view thinking should be done.

    However to try and link Hilter with some Christian ethics as this video would suggest is weak if we think world view wise. There are those who try to assoicate his RC tradition as some kind of proof of what he was of Christian persuasion does not negate the fact he obviously rejected the core values of Christian doctrine in practice. One central value of Christian doctrine being that all people have dignity and worth, because they are made in God’s image was far from the Nazi political manifesto I would think .

    I like the Digital Command Control version of this video it is very good.

  • nick,

    I think this clip is likely a reaction to the many Christians who purport that Hitler was an atheist.
    Personally I am quite happy if everyone – Christians, atheists, etc agree that he was neither!

  • oops, correction to my previous comment. I’m not convinced “many” Christians truly believe that Hitler was an atheist, though a vocal minority certainly like to promote this idea.

  • Nick, we don’t get to determine of Hitler was a Christian or not. We just have to take his word for it. After all, the word “Christian” covers a multitude of sins and it is just easy to say he was not a Chrtsitian as to say there is not such thing as a real Scotsman.

    Perhaps there is no such thing as a Christian.

    We certainly don’t get to say he was “really” an atheist.

    Come off it.

    Perhaps Stalin was not really a commonist but a christian in diguise?