The never ending battle

By Ken Perrott 25/10/2011

Thanks to Jerry Coyne (Physics pwns creationism)

I think the cartoon perceptively indicates that sort of “research” done by “creation science.” Biblical stories are used for the answers then they only have to sort out which science they can distort to “prove” their answers. I guess that’s why we have websites like “Answers in Genesis.”

But here’s a new blog which demonstrates a “purpose” for this creation “research.” Its called Science Essentials and has the subtitle “Practical Resources for Teaching Creation-Based Science.”

The blog describes its aim as supporting a community of “parents, teachers, and administrators who desire to teach creation-based science.” And “is committed to providing relevant, practical resources to those who engage elementary and/or secondary students.”

The old story of evangelical and fundamentalist Christians attempting to get their religious myths taught in science courses.

These people never seem to give up. Which, unfortunately, places a demand on science and the supporters of science to be constantly wary of these attempts.

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0 Responses to “The never ending battle”

  • Thanks for the heads-up, Ken. Sigh, I see it’s another vehicle for the Institute for Creation ‘Research’ to get its ideas across… Loved the first comment though: Some evolutionists even say there are more than a BILLION people alive on Earth right now! You should do a video about that nonsense., & also the person pointing out that ICR should be looking to prove that its own viewpoint is correct (otherwise they fall into the logical fallacy of a false dichotomy).

  • You noticed it too?
    I’m pretty sure the name of that commentor – ‘Shirley Ujeste’ – is made up. Too perfect a pun… 😀

    • Looking through the comments I couldn’t help feeling that some were have a joke. Hard to tell with these setups. Poes law and all.

  • I always wondered what Australian Aboriginies and Sumerians (among less-identifiable others, of course) thought about god creating the world 6000 years ago. Must’ve been a bit of a nuisance to the thousands of people already happily living in the world…