Sabotaging science

By Ken Perrott 20/12/2011

I am aware that there are cases of scientific fraud and other scientific scandals. After all, scientists are human and just as capable as anyone else of immoral conduct on the job.

But this one is new to me. Scientific sabotage – when one scientist intentionally sabotages the work of a colleague. I wonder what the back story is to this case recently reported in The Scientist:

In May, the Office of Research Integrity announced its finding that postdoc Vipul Bhrigu is guilty of misconduct. Grad student Heather Ames thought she was going crazy when her experimental results kept messing up. But after conducting experiments in her boyfriends’ lab and getting solid results, she suspected foul play. Sure enough, her colleague Brighu was caught on tape sabotaging her samples. In July 2010 he pled guilty to malicious destruction of property and received 6 months of probation and a $10,000 fine.

I have always claimed that the real working of a science institute could provide plenty of material for a TV soap opera.

via Top Science Scandals of 2011 | The Scientist.