Nothing is something

By Ken Perrott 15/01/2012

Lawrence Krauss’s most recent book A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing was released last week. It’s one I have been looking forward to and I downloaded the eBook version this last weekend.

Some readers may have seen a video of one of Krauss’s lectures on this subject – these are what motivated my interest. For readers who have not seen one these lectures I have embedded one below.

I am keen to get into the book. With chapter titles like “Nothing is Something” and “Nothing is Unstable” it promises to be a good read. (I have placed the list of chapters at the bottom of this post*).

Krauss is not only an excellent lecturer he also writes very well. He has a lively style and is able to communicate complex ideas. Lawrence Krauss is one of the listed speakers art next April’s Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne (see A Celebration of Reason).

I wonder if he will pass through New Zealand as part of a book tour?

‘A Universe From Nothing’ by Lawrence Krauss, AAI 2009 .

Last year Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow were bombarded with a lot of criticism from religious apologists for their book The Grand Design. I think it helped bring the book to the attention of potential readers. So I hope these moral watchdogs are not asleep and will be just as energetic in their criticisms of Krauss’s book.

My first impression is that A Universe from Nothing actually has more detail than The Grand Design.

So here’s looking forward to some interesting debates.

*Contents of A Universe from Nothing

Chapter 1: A Cosmic Mystery Story: Beginnings
Chapter 2: A Cosmic Mystery Story: Weighing the Universe
Chapter 3: Light from the Beginning of Time
Chapter 4: Much Ado About Nothing
Chapter 5: The Runaway Universe
Chapter 6: The Free Lunch at the End of the Universe
Chapter 7: Our Miserable Future
Chapter 8: A Grand Accident?
Chapter 9: Nothing Is Something
Chapter 10: Nothing Is Unstable
Chapter 11: Brave New Worlds
Afterword by Richard Dawkins


0 Responses to “Nothing is something”

  • Ken, this is the kind of scientific speculation purported to be science really put science on same footing (in par) with religious believers (Intelligent Designer).

    No objective (reality) can simply arise from nothing.

    It is unbelievable that you criticize religious followers & Intelligent Proponents from time to time and at the same time, you’re willing to accept Dr. Lawrence Krauss’s main idea in his book, that we sprung into existence from nothing?

    Can’t you see that there is no difference in this scientific speculation and what creationists believe?

    The answer is we simply don’t know enough of how we (material universe) came into existence in the first place.

    Science cannot argue against ID followers and their beliefs based on non-causation (yep, God believers believe that causality doesn’t apply to their deity) and at the same time science does promote non-causal theories as proposed by Lawrence Krauss in his book.

    Causality tells us that we came from something and not from nothing. It is nonsense for science to claim that we came from nothing. The question of where that something originate, should be answered with , we simply don’t know, but surely we didn’t just pop into existence from nothing.