Is God incredible — or what?

By Ken Perrott 08/04/2012

Michael Wilson

You may have heard of Michael Wilson – he’s very active on Twitter. Well, turns out he is a photographer/videographer and has, in the past few days, launched a new film projectGod is Incredible – the Movie.”

He describes it this way:

I have been told that everyone needs to believe in something so I am heading out on a road trip. I will be test driving religions around my country of New Zealand (sometimes referred to as Godzone). I am planning to visit many groups who think theirs is the one true religion and everyone will get the chance to pitch their god or gods.

I will also be talking to experts in religion including professors who have had their lives threatened and even faced trial for heresy.

It is going to be a interesting ride and I’ll be taking you with me when I set up a an ask a atheist tent at the biggest Christian event in New Zealand or knock on the Door of Opus Dei. I’ll talk to the vicar who ran the billboard with the Virgin Mary with a pregnancy test & a picture of Jesus on the cross being “liked” on Judas’ Facebook page.

Add to this confirmed interviews with young earthers, ark fanciers, tongue speakers, spiritual healers and a mosque with jihadists on their wall of fame

The movie will hopefully culminate with interviews with New Zealand’s two most famous religious figures.

Point is, he needs finance for this project and is raising it through an appeal on Indiegogo (see God Is Incredible — Indiegogo). His target is $10,00 over the next few months. After a few days it has already reached over $3,000 so it looks like he has the support.

Donors are likely to get benefits above and beyond that ” warm glow of knowing you helped make this movie become a reality.” Like a free digital download of the movie or mention in the final credits. That persuaded me – I have made my small contribution.

The project does look interesting and I am sure many people would be interested in a movie providing an overview of religion in New Zealand.

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  • Ken, I think that God is incredible. WHY? Because we have the Big Bang theory with us, that the Catholic Church had officially (over in the last 30 years or so) accepted that it was that process that how God created the Universe. We simply sprung into existence from from nothing. Isn’t that consistent with what the book of Genesis is about? Umm! I think that String theorists with their M-theory have said the opposite.

    The Universe was (or has always) pre-existed in forms of Branes (origin is unknown), so the big bang wasn’t really the beginning (similar to what the book of genesis said), but there was time before big bang. Again, the catholic church has got it wrong (together with the big bang which is a creationist theory really). That’s what you ended up with when causality is being dismissed in favor of mathematics as physicists have been doing for the the last 80 years or so (including Einstein himself).

  • A film from someone with a skeptical bent could be interesting if it truly captures a snapshot of religion in NZ now. However, from his description it looks like he is seeking out mainly fringe rather than mainstream religious groups/individuals…I’m skeptical as to whether this will really be an “overview” as you suggest. Has he (or anyone working with him) got a background in studying religion in NZ (maybe the history or sociology of religion)?

  • Kiwiski, we could wait and see. But if you are interested enough now is the time to give some input – or even get involved with the project. He is calling for volunteers with specialist skills. I imagine a consulting historian of sociologist specializing in this area would be useful.

    Personally, I think even if it concentrated mainly on the fringe groups it will still be useful. We should know what some of these are, what their thinking and behavior is and how extensive or influential they are.

    But I think there will be an honest desire to cover most aspects because the hope is that it will be used educationally. He says:

    “The movie . . .  will be an educational resource made to fit within New Zealand’s secondary school curriculum and distributed to all secondary schools for use in their religious education & social studies classes.”

  • distributed to all secondary schools for use in their religious education & social studies classes.
    I would be very surprised to hear that many state schools (& I’m excluding ‘integrated’ schools from that) would have RE classes. There might be some space in the social studies curriculum ( as there is certainly mention of religion in the new Level 2 standards:

  • I think trying to explain the unknown is a hard thing to do, despite string theory, the big bang and religion. Personally myself I try not believe in other peoples educated guesses as to the answer of our origin. Love and light is enough for me and to quote Einstein “everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality” sort of sums it up for me.