Jesus heals — but not cancer!

By Ken Perrott 22/04/2012

It’s really tough if you or a loved one has cancer – apparently even Jesus can’t heal you.

Glyn Carpenter poses in front of the offending billboard

Well that’s according to a survey of New Zealand “Christian leaders” by Glyn Carpenter, Director of the New Zealand Christian Network. He did this quick poll after widespread public condemnation of a sign posted by Equippers Church in Napier, “Jesus heals cancer.” There’s no indication of how many leaders were polled or what their religious affiliations were (I think Glyn Carpenter and the NZ Christian Network are “evangelical” – whatever that means).

Perhaps the bias of the pollster is shown by his declaration on the report of the poll results – “The message “Jesus Heals Cancer” is clearly true at face value!” It’s also interesting  that he has managed to see the problem of the offensive sign as an issue of freedom – for Christians to offend others (he describes his poll as a Freedom of speech survey.

So taking Glyn’s data at face value – apparently most (67%) of these Christian leaders were not happy about the offensive sign. And while 58% of them thought a billboard message “Jesus Heals Cancer” to be poor or impermissible, 91% thought so for the message “Jesus Heals All Cancer.”

I thought this was hopeful – but they went and ruined it by supporting the message “Jesus Heals” – 91% thought it OK or good!

Now where are all those theologians claiming there is no conflict between science and religion? Or that they operate in different spheres? What is their response to such a survey result?

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  • If you put that sort of claim on a food item, the advertising standards guys would be all up in your face.

    Put it on a billboard regarding jebus… it’s all good

  • In response to your last paragraph. The survey is obvious nonsense… on a par with the sort of survey you get from toothpaste manufacturers who claim 9 out of 10 dentists recommend their toothpaste etc.

  • I tend to agree Kiwiski. Mind you I suspect the survey itself may be restricted to evangelical leaders or similar. In that restricted sense it may be accurate.

    I just wish other Christian leaders would be more vocal in their criticism of these attempts by some of their compadres to create conflicts with science or make such outrageous claims.

  • Amen to that Ken
    I think by “evangelical” they mean the minority (in NZ) grouping that tends to follow the more extreme of the US evangelicals. In NZ the term was originally applied to large sections of The Anglican and other mainstream denominations in distinction to the Liberal and/or Anglo-Catholic wings.