Dementia — There’s an app for that!

By Ken Perrott 24/05/2012

Memory loss – it’s inevitable as you grow older. And as each individual experiences these day-to-day memory lapses one can’t help starting to wonder if it’s just normal ageing of the brain. Or is it more serious – the beginnings of dementia or Alzheimers.

Well apparently there is now an iPad app one can use to keep a running check. This video suggests it is very accurate – better and quicker than existing pen and paper tests. (Sorry, can’t embed the video – just follow the link. It’s only a few minutes long).

SciNewsBlog: Think you might have Dementia? There’s an app for that!.

Wonder if it’s the sort of test one can do at home – or if it requires supervision from a health professional?

Must hunt it down – I have been think of getting an iPad. This is another argument for the expense.

Not that I am worried at this stage!

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  • I’ve looked at what all the various tablet os’ have to offer for the future. Right now, going android is your best bet. Apple’s ios has some serious web limitations that will simply never be resolved within the os itself. Windows 8 is just… terrible. Maybe windows 9 will make it useable as a tablet os.

  • Ichthyic, if and when I get a tablet I will no doubt look at what is available and what suits my specific requirements. So I am of course interested in your views but can you make them more specific?

    What specific tablets are you recommending and why? Vague comments in the OSs really don’t help – what are the specific problems each case?
    The iPad is of course best known but I am certainly interested in looking into alternatives if I can find the required information.

  • Warning Advertising alert!

    On Grabone today there’s a 7″ Android tablet for $99 incl. delivery. so one can familiarise themselves with the system without too much outlay.

    I’m a fan of Android, but I’ve only briefly used ipad devices so…