Why the Higgsteria?

By Ken Perrott 05/07/2012

The whole world seemed to be celebrating the CERN announcement about the Higg’s particle last night. But, of course, very few of us really understand what it is and what it does.

The UK Guardian has a short video, What is the Higgs boson?, explaining the Higgs particle in relatively simple language. The presentation is by Guardian journalist Ian Sample who has also written a book about it – Massive: The Hunt for the God Particle.

Have a look – it’s only 4 and half minutes.

Video link: What is the Higgs boson? – video | Science | guardian.co.uk.

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  • The big thing I got out of the whole thing Ken is they couldn’t say it was 100%. 99.99% is pretty good but it isn’t 100%.

  • All measurements have a statiscally signicance attached. In this case it actually was much >99,99% – 5 sigma overall. But the real uncertainty seems to relate to specifically what particle it is – a possibility it is maybe not the Higgs, or a different variety of Higgs.

  • Well I have to say that doesn’t get me excited about science. I do have something more exciting than this. It is based on plasma physics and has been around for 40 years. Richard Feynman looked at this and claimed to debunk it , by saying it probably has got a battery in it. On this occasion he was wrong.
    I have included a video which explains the physics, which is pretty easy to understand. Plasma physics is exciting. The fourth state of matter.
    This is world changing technology and is expected to be on the market by the end of the year. Watch the video and tell me if you like this or understand that it is possible. Skeptics have already what you are going to say, so only positive comments please.

    • Derek – a bit of protocol.

      You don’t get to make rules on comments – I do.

      I welcome negative comments as well as positive ones. In fact negative comments usually have more educational value.

      So don’t anybody feel they should hold back just because Derek wants to avoid a critical discussion.

  • Ok Ken sorry, what do you think then ? Sounds possible to me, especially with the key ring atomic theory. In terms of the science in my opinion it is possible as from what I can gather the Inert gases can in fact become explosive when turned to plasma. http://plasmerg.com/_files/HEIEAC.pdf
    In fact there are kits that are for sale that demonstrate the effect.