People saying stupid things on the Internet

By Ken Perrott 20/09/2012

I saw this young Muslim women on the TV news last night. She was demonstrating against the US over that silly video. The interview asked her _”but don’t you believe in freedom of expression.

Her answer – “Yes, but not when it comes to religion!”

My response – grow up!

That’s why I like this little skit on the current situation (thanks to YouTube video mocking Atheism greeted with global disinterest by Atheists).-  I think there are some lessons in it:

A YouTube video mocking followers of science and those who discount the probability of omnipotent deity, has resulted in complete indifference throughout the Atheist community.

Theist comments on the video claim that the video will see “atheists burning down churches the world over!” have been met with blank stares by people who consider themselves ‘atheist’.

Non-believer Simon Williams told us, “I’m not sure what reaction they were expecting, but I’m afraid people saying stupid things on the Internet doesn’t really bother me.”

“What with me being a grown adult and everything. Tantrums haven’t really been my thing since puberty.”

“Do I want to kill the people behind it? No, of course not.”

“Though I would like to give them a few science lessons that didn’t end with the conclusion ‘God must have done it’.”

“But I’m not hopeful.”

Youtube video protests

The maker of the video has gone into hiding claiming that Atheist disinterest in his film has infringed his religious freedoms.

The unnamed producer explained, “It says quite clearly in a passage of one of my holy books – a passage that is definitely open to interpretation in the way that I want – that I must take the fight to non-believers – and yet here you all are refusing to fight.”

“You are oppressing my religious freedom to claim religious oppression.”

“What will it take?! Why can’t you at least throw a rock at me or something?”

“It’s almost like you’re suppressing the evil inside each of you in order not to look like dicks.”

“I’m guessing you get the strength from the Devil himself.”

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0 Responses to “People saying stupid things on the Internet”

  • Earlier in the year I attended the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne
    On day two we had Christians protesting
    On day three we had Muslims protesting

    If anyone ever refers to atheists as aggressive, my mind immediately flicks to these memories. I don’t see atheists picketing churches or mosques, nor have I ever seen an atheist ever regard someone else with as much venom as these videos show.

    • At the time I noticed people from the convention sang “Always look on the bright side” to the Muslim protesters!

      I also see that one of the leaders of that Muslim protest was arrested in Melbourne the other day on suspicion of preparations for terror acts.

  • Many religious people (the “loud” ones anyway) can’t understand that atheists don’t think the way they do. They expect atheists to blindly follow everything Richard Dawkins says (like they follow their preachers), and expect anger and vehemence in response to some idiot saying something dumb on the internet.

  • Hm, those Convention videos are interesting. Someone commented on the Muslim one that it was both hilarious and frightening at the same time. I love the ‘Where are the women?” and “Always look on the bright side’ replies 😉 The Christian one invokes a different reaction, interestingly. I just kind of feel sorry for that guy and wish someone would just give him a beer and a science text book. And maybe a makeover.