Death – part 2 of a series

By Ken Perrott 24/10/2012

Here’s the second episode in the series Sex, Death and the Meaning of life – fronted by “everyone’s favourite Strident Atheist.” See Sex, Death And The Meaning Of Life – Sin for Part 1

It’s another laid back, non-threatening presentation of an important issue. A chance to consider different religious/philosophical approaches and to also learn some science.

Sex, Death And The Meaning Of Life Episode 2.

For such an evil atheist Dawkins seems to spend a lot of time in cemeteries and churches. Seems quite at home there.

The 3rd and final episode on The Meaning of Life screens in the UK next week.

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0 Responses to “Death – part 2 of a series”

  • I would have thought that Death would have been the last part of a Dawkins series 🙂

    • Strangely, the company ClearStory who produced the documentaries had death first! Channel 4 decided sin should come first.

  • ahhh, got it … “the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life”…how very theologically astute of Channel 4.