Making political capital out of the deaths of innocents

By Ken Perrott 20/07/2014

Abby Martin’s Statement on Downed Malaysian Plane & State Sponsored Militias 

I have been absolutely disgusted with the contradictory information coming out about the crash of the Malaysian airline in Eastern Ukraine. And with the way politicians have used it to advance their specific agendas.

Seems to me that making political capital out of such a tragic event is an offense to the almost 300 innocent victims.

Abby Martin is one of the few spokespersons in the media who also seems to feel this way.

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  • Yay, there are two sides to each story and corporate media just tends to give one point of view.
    Gaza and the Israelis terrorising the Palestinians is an example, made to look like the Palestinians are the bad guys
    The news needs to be overhauled as what we seem to get the most influential opinion all the time rather than the truth.
    And remember what else the news isn’t telling you “Cold fusion is real”.