Teaching research

By Marcus Wilson 02/10/2009

Over the last week or so I have, amongst other things, been doing some preparation for two summer scholarship students that will be working with me from December to February. The summer scholarships are a great opportunity for undergraduate students to experience what research is like. The University of Waikato, like several other universities, offers this chance to several students every year.

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  • The neuroscience programme here at Otago really pushed summer studentships for students going on to do postgrad. I found it an invaluable experience – I spent those three months getting to grips with how the lab works, where things are, and learning protocols. When it came to starting my honours research project, I had a head start and managed to get some really interesting data out of my year in the lab, which ended up being published. It was a win-win situation really. You ought to be commended for taking the time for this extra training