Bring on the computer

By Marcus Wilson 09/11/2009

To err is human, but to make a real mess requires a computer. Whether it is sending out a gas bill for ten million dollars, or sending a letter to the parents of a one-hundred-and-four year-old woman reminding them that she is due to start school, the rise of the computer has certainly opened up new avenues for getting things wrong in a big way.

But really it’s not the computer that gets things wrong. It’s the people that told it what to do. A computer is very good at obeying instructions. The trouble is, being just a collection of electronic circuits, it has no ability to independently check them for sanity first.

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  • Yep this is so true, and the verification can be a real trouble maker if you are trying to get it all done in a tight schedule (like what is left of my PhD). That said it can all be done by looking at the simplest situations as you say and eventually you can find out what is going wrong