A quarter of a thousand

By Marcus Wilson 26/04/2010

According to Movable Type, this is entry number 250 for PhysicsStop.  A quarter of the way to one thousand entries. Has anyone read them all?  Now, according to the statistics I get to see every month, the single most looked at entry by far is this one, on The3is in Three.  Why is it so popular? I have no idea.

In recent times, the second most looked-at entry has been the joint Seccombe/Wilson family effort on Fallstreak cloud

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  • From memory I didn’t either on the O’Reilly site; probably not run as a blog, but a in-house website. (My recollection is that as they have technical staff through their computing book market, they roll their own, as it were.)

    If I see an unexplained spike of traffic, I just nose around with google. Got to know who’s geeky enough to flaunt my wares 🙂