Mindless Monday

By Marcus Wilson 26/07/2010

Here’s something that is only tenuously related to physics, but will help you cope with your Monday.

Yahoo’s top ten worst cars ever. Those of you who want some physics can evaluate whether the final statement on the description of the Mini Moke (that you were in danger of falling out on roundabouts) is over-exaggeration.


0 Responses to “Mindless Monday”

  • There are several things I find disturbing about this post.
    1. I have seen every single one of those vehicles out and about on English roads. That says to me that the English seriously need to look at what they’re doing with vehicles.
    2. I had access to a Mini Moke when I lived in the Canary Islands. It was a truly scary vehicle but seemingly indestructable. Not so for the poor gits who were occasionally thrown from it. It had no doors, just chains. Last seen in an impound lot in 1997.
    3. The Smart Car – why has this not caught on in NZ?! I don’t mean the open topped horror in this Top Ten but the closed version. I was, on many occasions, overtaken by Smart Cars on the roads around England and Wales – they were going in excess of 90 mph, which was scary for me and I assume terrifing for the Smart Car passengers. I am ashamed to admit that had I stayed in England I would have wanted to at least consider buying one (as an excuse for a test drive to see how they could go so fast).
    4. I drove a Skoda in England. It was very good.