High technology tearoom

By Marcus Wilson 04/08/2010

I feel it is about time I commented on the high-technology tap that is in our Faculty tearoom. It was put in several months ago during refurbishment. It’s certainly an impressive-looking tap. It has switches for hot and cold water, that you can flip up or down to turn the water on (the only difference I can find is that if you flip it down, it will spring back, whereas if you flip it up, it won’t), and blue and red LEDs, which I think are there to tell you whether the cold water and hot water are at their appropriate temperatures.  But the most exciting thing about it is that it keeps you on your toes because occasionally (well, fairly frequently) it won’t do quite what you’d expect. 

You put the coffee granules in your mug, hold it under the tap, flick the ‘hot’ switch, and, as if by magic, the tap opens up full bore on the nicely refrigerated cold water. Why? I have no idea. Monday morning it was refusing to give me cold water at all. It didn’t matter whether the switch was flicked up or down, nothing would come out. Until I gave up and walked away, when it responded by switching on, despite the lever being in the ‘off’ position.  It really does have a mind of its own.