Seal level rises

By Marcus Wilson 18/09/2010

I received an email yesterday alerting me to an upcoming news brief on the implications of seal level rise as a result of climate change.

A rise in seal level is something that I hadn’t thought of before. I’m not sure whether we are talking about specific species of seal, like the New Zealand fur seal, or just seals in general.  And by level, do we mean population, or do we mean height above current sea level – i.e. would a large enough rise in seal level mean that they started taking up residence in Auckland’s suburbs in more significant numbers?

Maybe it was just an uncannily interesting typo.

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  • Actually the subject line of the email had a typo in it. The press release as you’d have realised if you read it, talked only about sea level rise.

    • Yes, I know the text was just fine – I did read it – the mistake being only in the subject line of the email – but I read it Friday afternoon just before going home for the weekend and thought I couldn’t miss an opportunity like that.