So you think you’re good at mechanics?

By Marcus Wilson 06/11/2010

karapiro_poles.jpgCalculate the stress in the pole that crosses the picture nearest to you in the upper right corner.

And calculate the frequencies of the lowest twenty modes of vibration of the structure.

(It’s the temporary stand at Lake Karapiro put up for the World Rowing Championships. Had a very enjoyable day there on Thursday.)


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  • Well, no one else has bitten. (1) The structure appears to be made up from a lot of repeating units, so I expect it could be reduced to multiple units of something that looks rather straightforward. (2) what are the dimensions (inner and outer diameter, length etc of the pole, and the poles it is attached to? (3) what is the load being applied (a) vertically (b) laterally and (c) longitudinally?