Are cats smarter than dogs?

By Marcus Wilson 24/11/2010

Alison has drawn my attention to this video showing a cat lapping milk in slow motion. The professor explains that the cat doesn’t scoop up the liquid like a dog would, but uses the tip of its tongue – the liquid adheres to the tongue and is drawn up in a thin column. The cat is making use of some sophisticated fluid mechanics to drink.

It’s a very clean way of transferring liquid from the bowl to the mouth, rather fitting for a creature whose fourth most important activity is cleaning itself   (the other three more important activities being sleeping, eating, and staring out of the window). A whole lot less messy than a dog.  However, it also looks a whole lot less efficient.

A rather fun result, but I don’t think its a new finding. There are plenty of online videos showing exactly the same thing.


0 Responses to “Are cats smarter than dogs?”

  • The 5th most important activity being beating up the dog 🙂

  • The paper behind the video has shown for the first time that it’s the balancing between friction and gravity which the cat is exploiting – we hadn’t realised this before.On the other hand, a better system doesn’t mean higher intelligence, either 🙂