[withdrawn] Some weblinks

By Marcus Wilson 28/02/2011

This post has been withdrawn. 

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  • Marcus, Thank you for the first two links. I have listened to the third. I found it unhelpful. At about 22.00 minutes left the gentlemen stated that the Tsunami was a call from god to the godless world. This gentleman goes on later to suggest that the reason god did not stop the wave he was telling the world to repent. To any person who thinks he has a small but reasoned description of life, earth and nature and realises that he is a mere pimple in this vast universe – I found that and other comments from him in the same vein – offensive. If you are in any way suggesting that New Zealanders should listen to this gentleman because of the Chch earthquake then I feel you have done a disservice to the readers of this forum.

    He is, and you are by implication, effectively prosthelytizing. It does not belong here.

    Keep to physics. You do a pretty good job on that one.

    Kind regards

    Ross Mason. rossdotmasonatparadisedotnetdotnz

    • Thanks Ross for your comment. Yes, as you say, none of this is physics, which is what PhysicsStop is meant to be about. Where I come from here is that I am really going to struggle to comment on physics at present, and that’s probably the case for a while. I did two lectures today, and was enthusastic about neither, and it probably showed. My next post, when I do it, is probably going to be about Bessel functions, though, to be frank, just at the moment I really don’t care about what a zero-th order Bessel function of the first kind is and how it is used. So physicsstop might take a break for a while. I am a christian, and that will obviously colour my comments and thinking (maybe you’ve see this coming through in some other posts too). As I said in my post, I found the interview helpful; but that doesn’t mean anyone else will. You (and anyone else) are free to disagree with what I say – indeed, I would encourage you if you disagree to say it, as you have done. I’ll be happy to withdraw/delete the post, if people wish me to. Regards, Marcus