Just WHERE is the South Pole?

By Marcus Wilson 13/02/2012

Friday’s Herald, page 15. In an article on Lake Vostok, the location of this mass of water is described as "3.8 km beneath the surface, about 1300 km east of the South Pole". Go figure.

Unfortunately the online version is somewhat trimmed down and misses this plainly ridiculous piece of information.  

Google Earth tells me it’s 77 degrees south, 105 degrees east.

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  • Probably because it is in the East Antarctic Icesheet

    And here;


    The convergence of the longitude lines at the poles make is almost meaningless to give latitude longitudes close to the pole so the grid system for navigating around the pole was developed. From the botom map you can see that 90 deg Grid is east and on the East Antartic Ice Sheet.

    This convergence may have been one of the major dangers that likely contributed to the DC 10 crash into Erebus. The “error” was 2 deg in longitude. At McMurdo, 2 degrees is only about 20 miles. At the equator it is 120 miles (60 miles / degree.) So east west distances by degrees are very close. This made the route taken by the DC10 no where near as bad as if they were flying in the tropics. Nasty.

  • I forgot. Everyday the weather forecast that is read out at the radio station at the South Pole says that the “Wind is from the north”. Never changes.