A rant for Friday afternoon

By Marcus Wilson 23/03/2012

Forget Marmageddon – the university is clearly facing staplageddon. And it has for at least the last seven years. Why don’t students own staplers? How am I meant to keep control of assignments that are handed in on loose sheets of paper that aren’t stapled together? Half of them only have the student’s name of the first sheet. All it takes is one staple. One, solitary staple.  Is it TOO much to ask?

I think I’ll carry a stapler with me at all times and charge a dollar a time. I’d make a fortune.

P.S.  For those that aren’t kiwi, Marmageddon is the name given to the Marmite crisis here – there is no Marmite in the shops. NO MARMITE!? How can anyone survive?

P.P.S. Sorry, students, for getting at you like this. But stapling your work together really does make it easier for me and it’s less likely that a section of your assignment will go missing.






0 Responses to “A rant for Friday afternoon”

  • This is why I’ve come to like the electronic upload of assignments instead.

  • When I became a teacher I started carrying my own whiteboard markers, and a tiny portable stapler, which, combined with withering scorn, impresses on the students that just folding the corners over isn’t enough. Don’t get me started on those that don’t staple AND don’t use page numbers…

  • Yes – electronic upload is easier, but that gets difficult when the students are writing equations with lots of sub- and super-scripts and integrals etc. Making them learn how to use a mathematical wordprocessor like LaTeX just so they can submit an assignment is probably going too far. (The MS Word maths interface is just horrible and very time-consuming.)