What 3am looks like

By Marcus Wilson 10/07/2012

I shan’t apologise for the lack of entries – other things have been on our mind in recent days. But Benjamin is sleeping just now, which gives a few minutes for some blogging. He’s already been doing a bit of physics – studying the continuity equation. That is, the change in mass equals the mass flow in minus the mass flow out. Our midwife measured how much he’d taken from the breast at a feed simply by weighing him beforehand, and weighing him afterwards. Simple as that. Straightforward continuity equation stuff.  The answer, unfortunately, is not enough, which means he’s going to be harder work than many babies.

So 3am? In the last few days, it’s cold, dark, quiet (at least outside) and foggy. A winter anticyclone can really send the temperatures plunging. Having to go out in the morning to make sure the chickens have some water that isn’t ice is a bit of a chore, but it’s one that needs doing as well.


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  • Hmmm…Have you done an uncertainty analysis of the weighing procedure??? Of course the balance used is better than a kitchen one yes? Don’t forget there are two weighings!!

  • As sad as it sounds, yes. This includes weighing wet nappies to get an idea of the mass distribution in there. We must be finding things a bit easier now, if I have time to think about that kind of stuff.