Dem Cables

By Marcus Wilson 21/02/2014

I've just been shifting around various bits of equipment and computers in our 2nd and 3rd year physics lab, to make way for an item that's shifting in there from a nearby lab. It's gone something like this…(rising in semitones, with apologies to the original performers) 

Da power socket is connected to da extension cord;

Da extension cord is connected to da monitor;

Da monitor is connected to da computer;

da computer is connected to da control box;

da control box is connected to da MRI machine;

da MRI machine is connected to da MRI-machine stand;  

da MRI-stand is connected to da floor*;  

Now why are there so many cables?

Dem cables, dem cables, dem power cables;

dem cables, dem cables, dem ethernet cables;

dem cables, dem cables, dem USB cables;

What a mess of knitting!  [Roll on wireless power transmission!]


*The MRI-stand is connected to the floor because we don't want the thing to move. The unit is calibrated for the position it's currently in; I'm not inclinded to move it in a hurry. The other things, however, might be more sensibly located.