A blatant plug for the NZIP2015 conference

By Marcus Wilson 06/05/2015

There's no hiding my conflicts of interest here. I'm on the New Zealand Institute of Physics 2015 conference organizing committee. I'm also the NZIP treasurer. And I'm a staff member at the host organization.  So, to contribute to the New Zealand physics community's biennial event  in Hamilton on 6 – 8 July, click on this link. 

But why? Pick from the following

a. Because you get to meet colleagues and actually talk with them. 

b. Because you get to hear and discuss first hand about some of the exciting physics work that goes on in New Zealand

c. Because you get to meet, talk to, and learn from Eugenia Etkina, who is one of the most honoured and respected physics educators in the US. She's researched in particular student learning through practical experiments, and how to maximize it. But also she's looked at the modern physics curriculum more generally. And she'll be here with us to share it all. 

d. Because you get to celebrate the International Year of Light (which, by the way, was designated by UNESCO following lobbying from a handful of countries including New Zealand)

e. Because you get to experience practical examples of Bessel Functions.  (You may need to click here for an explanation). 

So, no excuses. See you in The Tron in July. 


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  • The conference website is http://confer.co.nz/nzip2015/ The full programme will hopefully go up by the end of the month, but you can certainly read about the keynote speakers already. It’s open to the public in the sense that it’s open to anyone who registers and pays the registration fee. We also hope to have a public lecture on the Monday night (6th July), which will be free (or gold-coin donation) but this is yet to be confirmed.