The world’s most beautiful equation

By Marcus Wilson 25/01/2016

Don’t miss the BBC poll on what is the world’s most beautiful equation. Are you a fan of Einstein’s field equation, or does the Riemann zeta-function hold you in raptures? There’s some great commentary on the twelve candidates here

How did I vote? Well, that would be telling, but the fact that my very first publication is titled Auxiliary-field quantum Monte Carlo calculations for the relativistic electron gas [read it here! – at least if you have access to the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter] might give the physicist readers a few clues. 


0 Responses to “The world’s most beautiful equation”

  • My favourite is Binet’s Formula ( for calculating any member of the Fibonacci sequence). I like the way it uses irrational numbers (the Golden ratio) but the result is a whole number.

  • Ah – the square-root of five. Who would have thought it would be so important?

  • Since when is pi an equation?

    Anyway, the most beautiful is clearly 1 + 1 =2. Such beauty in simplicity.

  • e^(i.pi) + 1 = 0 must be up there. – five of the most important numbers in maths and physics is a single equation.