Pictures of Numbers

Beach Mouse Pelt Map

Mike Dickison Feb 06, 2013

UC San Diego biologist Hopi Hoekstra and her co-authors found that differences between the light-colored beach mice of Florida and their darker cousins can be traced to a mutation in just one gene—at least, it can for the beach mice in Western Florida. Eastern beach mice seem to have evolved their colour some other way. She produced this very nice … Read More

A Tufte Library

Mike Dickison Feb 01, 2013

To me, the most important books on presenting data graphics are by Edward Tufte. People who create charts as part of their job should keep one or more of them close by, and regularly reread them. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, 2nd ed. Edward R. Tufte Graphics Press, 2001 (orig. 1983) • ISBN: … Read More

Welcome to Pictures of Numbers

Mike Dickison Feb 01, 2013

I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to write about scientific data presentation here at New Zealand Sciblogs—I hope these weekly posts will be as useful for you as your comments and feedback will be for me. What is Pictures of Numbers? I’m interested in the practicalities of visually communicating scientific data. Years of academic training favours people who are … Read More