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The science of Christmas

By Steve Pointing 28/11/2014

I absolutely LOVE Christmas, and being a scientist I have always been keen to understand just how Father Christmas (or Santa Claus, Pere Noel, St Nicolas as he is variously known elsewhere) achieves the incredible feat of making children happy all over the world every year.  I am very pleased to announce that after a rigorous research investigation, I have found answers to some of the biggest questions, such as: How does Santa get around the world on Christmas Eve?, How come nobody ever seems to actually see Santa?, How does he get down the chimney to deliver presents? and the biggest question of all – does Rudolf’s nose really glow?

These research findings are shared with the world via You Tube:

As with all science this was a team effort, and so I offer some very well-deserved thanks to our team at AUT: My charismatic co-presenters Allan Blackman and Alvin Pointing; the amazing, wonderful and clever Susannah Dalton for her media engagement efforts; Katherine Harris for her great organisation behind the scenes, and the very talented Calvin Sang who led the videography team.