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Spaceward Bound “T minus 4 days”

By Steve Pointing 12/01/2015

Spaceward Bound is coming to New Zealand for the first time – THIS WEEK!
I am really excited to be part of this event to be held in the Taupo region from 16-21st January 2015. 
A team of NASA astrobiologists will join a New Zealand science team comprising Haritina Mogosanu, Kathy Campbell and myself – all of us being passionate about the field of astrobiology.  This is the study of life in it’s broadest possible sense, from the origins of life on Earth, to consideration of whether life could be sustained elsewhere in the universe, and onwards to the future for life as the universe itself evolves.
We will take a group of teachers and students to explore extreme environments and conduct scientific experiments that might one day provide insight to the search for life on other planets.  Our goal is to unite school teachers and university research scientists in field activities, in the hope that ultimately this will bring the excitement of space exploration to New Zealand students.
I will be blogging daily on our activities, so please do become an “armchair astrobiologist” and follow my posts as we travel “offworld” to Taupo!

The Spaceward Bound website is at: